Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection

The Foundation’s Rare Historical Documents Collection, focusing on the history of Cyprus, includes manuscripts and printed books, dated from the 16th to the 20th century.

B-001, London, 1889
Authors:  Mallock, M. H.
Title:  In an Enchanted Island or A Winter’s Retreat in Cyprus
Language:  English
Publisher:  Richard Bentley & Son
Publication place:  London
Publication year:  1889
Dimensions:  225x140 mm
Description:  8vo
B-002, Paris, 1904
Authors:  Roulx, J. Delaville Le
Title:  Les Hospitaliers en Terre Sainte et à Chypre (1100-1310)
Language:  French
Publication place:  Paris
Publication year:  1904
Description:  The Order of St. John has a history of seven centuries (11th-18th cent.), which predates the beginning of the Crusades. In the first phase (1100-1310) the history of the Order develops geographically in the Holy Land and Cyprus. Roulx's book studies exclusively the first, the heroic phase, during which the role of the Order was purely military and aimed at protecting the kingdom of Jerusalem.
B-003, Bologna, 1647
Authors:  [Loredano, Gianfrancesco]
Title:  Historie de’ Re’ Lusignani, Publicate da Henrico Giblet Cavalier. Libri Undeci.
Language:  Italian
Publisher:  Monti, Giacomo
Publication place:  Bologna
Publication year:  1647
Dimensions:  206x147 mm
Description:  4to (206x147 mm), pp. [8] + 731. Italic letter. Woodcut arms of the Lusignan family on title. Later quarter roan over paper boards marbled to imitate tree calf.