FANEROMENI24 Arts Festival

Cyprus Insula


For one more year, Culture will be brought to life at the courtyard of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Faneromeni, where a beautiful Arts Festival will take place, inviting us to enjoy dance performances, concerts, theatre and unique cinema experience.

On the occasion of the foundations 40th anniversary of its establishment, the foundation this year is introducing a unique combination of arts, emphasizing the island’s unified cultural character throughout the ages, which combines elements from its rich and multifaceted historical past.  Faneromeni24 Arts Festival welcomes visitors of all ages at the Foundation`s courtyard from 11 July to the end of September.

The series of summer events begins on Thursday, 11 July, with the concert Cyprus: from yesterday to today”  performed by Vasiliki Hadjiadamou and Kyriacos Marcoullis, joined by six other acclaimed musicians.

It's a journey through the sounds of music and poetry, starting from the past and coming up to the present day - a testament to our folk culture featuring beloved folk and artistic Cypriot songs, as well as poetry by unknown and known folk poets who captured the rich history of the island and its people.

Sibil • la Ensemble, a medieval music ensemble located in The Netherlands and founded by the Cypriot vocalist and composer Kristia Michael will follow on 18 July with the musical performance A journey in time: ancient, mediaeval and traditional music of Cyprus'.

The ensemble draws inspiration from the Sibyls, female prophetesses whose influence spanned from pagan times to the medieval era and the Renaissance. It consists of voices and historical instruments such as vielle, gothic harp, recorder, medieval lute, hurdy-gurdy and percussion. The performance connects different periods and aesthetics from the history of Cyprus and the program combines songs that derive from ancient Cypriot rituals, medieval songs from the Cypriot codex, and traditional music that survives until today.

On 5 September, the Valitsa Intra Portas theatre ensemble, drawing on the writings and testimonies of foreign travelers, brings you the devised theatre performance titled 'P.S. CYPRUS', highlighting the story of Cyprus in the past. Four actors simulating a folk gaggle will throw a party on stage, bringing back memories of the past.

The musician Vangelis Gettos (lute, drums, samples, background music) and Italian dancer Erika Guastamacchia, will follow with the performance 'Seeking Europe-Varosha 2024 AD' on Thursday, 12 September. Under the guidance of Italian choreographer Giulio De Leo, unfold a multi-layered dance spectacle with live on-stage music and video art with film clips inspired from the inside of Varosha, and making allusions to, the myth of the Abduction of Europa.

The festival's closing performance will take place on 26 September, with the music and dance event titled 'The Pulse of Life'. A bi-communal creation by the Mires dance duet - Ianthi Sparsi and the Turkish Cypriot artist Dervish Zeybek - with the participation of the Mystics Tribal Fusion dance team and the MA*GAIA drummers. It's inspired by the rich legacy of female drummers and dancers of antiquity.

The performance is driven by the sounds of the primeval drum - the sacred musical instrument of the Mother Goddess. It aims to highlight the beauty of the sound, and of music and the rhythm of dance as practices of religious worship, linking these to the forever pulsating universe.

The yard of the Cultural Foundation will again transform into an outdoor summer cinema, featuring unique productions from Cypriots producers and films in association with The Friends of Cinema Society, it will feature the following movies:

All events will take place with observation of all necessary protection measures for the health and safety of visitors and staff and are accessible to disabled groups.

Events start at 8.30 p.m., with entrance doors opening at 8 p.m.

Children's cinema screenings start at 8 p.m.

Free entrance

During the events, photos and/or videos will be taken. The pictures of visitors of the events may be used for promotional purposes or may be provided to the media or uploaded on the Internet. By attending the events, the public automatically gives to the organizers the right to use the photos/videos taken.