“Faneromeni 24” Arts Festival, is scheduled to take place from July to September 2024, hosting artists and groups to perform in the festival themed “Cyprus Insula”.

The festivals performances will include original and creative approaches towards a re-appraisal of the history of Cyprus and the life on the island from antiquity to the present times, resonating the innate unity of the Cypriot insular space.

The triadic scheme Time | Place | People will bring forward relations and narratives in which multivalent historical realities are manifested from the past to the present.

The themes of the 5 selected performances contribute to the preservation of the memory of the of the occupied territory of Cyprus considering its impact, throughout the ages, to the shaping of the multifaceted but cohesive Cypriot cultural character.

Combining any art form, such as music, theatre, dance, performance & video, the public will have the opportunity to experience unique performances.

The program will be announced soon, and the entrance is free.