Cyprus Map Collection

Numbering more than 400 maps, the Collection includes the majority of the known maps of Cyprus printed between 16th and 20th century. This notable series provides a detailed picture of the development of Cypriot cartography, which is tnterwined with the island’s turbulent history.

A&L-001, 1652
Title:  TABVLAE PEVTINGERIANAE SEGMENTVM VII à Parnacis vsque ad Paralocas Schythas // SEGMENTVM VIII à Paralocis Schythis vsque ad Finem Asiae.
Book title:  Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui Delineatio.
Cartographer:  [anonymous]
Publisher:  [Janssonius (Joannes)]
Publication place:  [Amsterdam]
Publication year:  [1652]
Dimensions:  385x500 mm (double-page)
A&L-002, 1540
Title:  Cipro
Book title:  Isolario di Benedetto Bordone Nel qual si ragioni di tutte l’Isole del mondo
Cartographer:  [Bordone (Benedetto)]
Publisher:  Nicolo d’Aristotile, detto Zoppino, and other publishers
Publication place:  [Venezia]
Publication year:  [1540]
Dimensions:  158x329 mm
A&L-004, 1513
Book title:  Claudii Ptolemei viri Alexandrini Mathematice discipline Philosophi doctissimi Geographie opus novissima. Strasbourg, Johannes Scott,1513 or Ptolemaeus Auctus Restitutus. Emaculatus. Cum Tabolis Veteribus Ac Novis.Strasbourg, Johannes Scott,1520
Cartographer:  Waldseemüller (Martin)
Publisher:  Johannes Schott
Publication place:  [Strassburg]
Publication year:  1513
Dimensions:  446x592 mm, double page