Archaeological Museum Collection of Georgiou and Nefelis Tziabras Pierides

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00-19:00

The donation was made in 1999, and in 2002 the Museum was inaugurated in the Cultural Foundation's building at Phaneromeni. Designed to state-of-the-art specifications, its purpose is to highlight the ancient art of the island, which documents the Greek civilization at the southernmost edge of Europe.

The Collection, which numbers more than 600 items, covers a wide range of Cypriot archaeology, from the Early Bronze Age (2500 BC) to the end of the Medieval Period (16th century). It includes unique specimens of Mycenaean pottery and representative pottery from the Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Roman and Medieval Periods, clay figurines, an important collection of sculptures in limestone as well as seals, jewellery, coins and objects made of copper. 

SPYRA Innovative Digital Archaeological Explorer 

SPYRA is an innovative digital program, the only one of its kind in Cyprus, which serves to bring archaeological exhibits from the Museum’s showcases closer to the visitor. Digital Archaeological Explorer SPYRA works in a very simple, interactive manner. Visitors select a potsherd or limestone fragment (an imitation of the original) from a special case before them. They then place the object in a circular base. The base will “read” and recreate the object on the big screen opposite them. Using a small touch screen placed in front of them, visitors gain

access to information that pertains to the object. 

Samples from the collection