The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation’s multi-sensory museum kit is travelling!

It is an educational multi-sensory programme on the move, which aims to bring people who are far from museums in contact with museum objects. The multi-sensory museum kit includes replicas of exhibits from the Archaeological and Numismatic collections of the Foundation's museums, which participants can touch and interact with through interactive play, thus learning about the culture of Cyprus. Various parallel activities are also included, such as creating objects with air-drying clay and creating their own coin. The multi-sensory museum kit can be considered as an introduction to the BoCCF’s collections and exhibits, which can eventually lead to a group visit to the Foundation.

Information about the exhibits is also available in the form of QR codes in video, in sign language and audio descriptions. The multi-sensory museum kit targets people of all ages and is adapted according to each group. It travels free of charge with an escort to schools, institutions, organizations etc. all over Cyprus.

The multi-sensory museum kit has already travelled to the Nicosia Multipurpose Centre, the School for the Deaf, the Nicosia 2nd Model Adult Intervention Centre, the Multidisciplinary Centre of Lakatamia, the two units of the Materia Group, Materia and Thalpori, and the journey continues...

Facilitator: Andrea Oratiou, Archaeologist.