Ancient ceramic art tradition

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation presents an interesting interactive program on Cyprus’s ancient ceramic art tradition. Children will spend the morning learning about art and witnessing its evolution through the Foundation's archaeological collection.

The cildren will gain insights into the production process, dyeing techniques and properties of clay. For example, they will observe how colour is added to the clay using natural stones during the process of their creation.

To truly grasp the evolution of the art of ancient ceramics, the children will not just observe but also touch and create. They will examine the figurines and vases of the Cultural Foundation’s archaeological collection and then make their own small vase or figurine from clay, which they will decorate with natural colours.

The interactive program "Form and Shape in the Soil" cultivates creativity and stimulates children's imagination and curiosity about the material culture and archaeology of Cyprus by using exhibits in the museum. Children will be provided with all necessary materials and equipment.

Design and Implementation: Suzana Petri/ceramist

Date: Every Friday

Free Participation 

Hours: 8.30-10:00 and 10:30-12:00