Allow me to introduce myself: archaeologist

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth

The program is designed for primary school students and aims to introduce them to the science of archaeology — a discipline that provides access to the primary sources needed to enrich our knowledge of the past. Specifically, through an interactive PowerPoint presentation, participants will learn the basic principles of archaeology and gain insights into the lives and work of archaeologists.

At the end of the presentation, students will be directed to a specially designed area of the room for an experiential activity related to the discovery and conservation of clay objects. The students, taking on the role of archaeologists, will work with soil to uncover hidden fragments of replica clay objects or clay pottery. Then, they will attempt to weld them together, restoring the pot to its original shape. In this way, students will learn about the process of classifying and preserving clay pottery, which is a key process of archaeological research.

This is followed by an educational game in the Foundations Archeological Museum , lasting about 20 minutes. Students will have the opportunity to get their hands on replicas of ancient objects and will try to search for the original objects in the museum's display cases. Then, they will respond to questions related to the type and use of the objects, their likely place of discovery, and their possible original location, with a final reference to excavation finds and artefacts found within the museum’s exhibits.  The aim is to familiarize children with several questions concerning archaeologists, answers to which often lead to the resolution of other issues such as chronology, localization, etc.

Date:  Every Wednesday

For children in grades 4, 5 and 6 of primary school

Free participation

Hours: 8.30-10:00 and 10:30-12:00

Educational Programe Design: Elisavet Stefani/Dr. Stalo Antoniou

Programe Facilitator: Thea Christoforou/Archaeologist