The Mediterranean Diet in the past and the present

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Institute of Cyprus, launches a new educational program for schools, “The Mediterranean Diet in the Past and Present".

The program is designed for primary school children. Its aim is to introduce students to the timelessness of the Mediterranean diet and help them understand the common food identity, both present and past, of the people living in the Mediterranean.  

The educational program takes place at the George and Nefeli Tziapra Pierides Archeological Museum of the Foundation, lasts 60 minutes and includes:

- Introduction to seeds

- Emphasis on animal bones

- Introduction to the human skeleton

- Composition of a text/story or painting when attending the educational program

For students 8-12 years old (3rd - 6th grade) 

Date: every Monday (once a month)

Hours: 8.30-10:00 and 10:30-12:00

Free participation

Facilitators: Researchers from the Cyprus Institute