Botanical colours and scents: textiles with Elektra Megaw

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth

Children will spend their morning learning about Elektra Megaw, an illustrator who travelled across Cyprus with her husband, Peter, and his archaeological team, documenting rare Cypriot wildflowers and indigenous flora. Her work will be introduced, referring to forms she designed and various techniques she utilized, such as herb-collecting, dying and textile techniques.

Children will learn about textile and batch dyeing techniques that rely on natural dyes derived from local and foreign plants and steam. They will also learn the theory of botany and Elektra Megaw's work through a talk and demonstration; following this, they will use these ideas to dye their own piece of fabric.

Beam dyeing is fun, simple, and sustainable. It familiarizes children with the process of printmaking and textile art. It teaches them how to start their creative journey with things they already have in their kitchen or garden. Many common and everyday food scraps are a great source of lifelike colours, such as onion and avocado skins, beetroot, cabbage, and orange peels.

The program examines how beam and tie-dye techniques, influenced by the unique qualities of each individual plant, can impart unique colours to objects. This process thus centers the magical world of nature, imparting to the children an awareness of how natural conditions affect the properties of flora (e.g., soil, exposure to light, and time of harvest).

Each student will have 30x3 cm fabric available to make a handkerchief or their own set of two ecological gifts (postcards with wild inks). The children will be provided with all the materials and equipment needed.

Design: Evagoria Dapola

Date: Every Tuesday

Free Participation

Hours: 8.30-10:00 and 10:30-12:00

For students grades 5 and 6 of Primary School, grades 1 and 2 of High School

Program Facilitator: Lenia Georgiou