Priceless Coins and other values

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth 

The educational program is directed to students aged 10-14 years old (Primary School 5 and 6 &Secondary 1 and 2) and aims to explore the concept of value through the children's acquaintance with the coinage collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The program takes place within the premises of the Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage and includes a wide variety of museum activities. Students will have the opportunity to engage with ancient coins as well as to meet multiple types of values, the different ways in which value is formed and some of the relationships that the latter has with social, economic and political structures.

More specifically, the program is structured so that, starting from contemporary reality, children can reflect on and explore everyday issues concerning the value we attach to objects or situations and the relationship of coins and money with value. One of the innovative features of the program is the introduction of the use of interactive digital technologies which are used to highlight (a) social, political, religious elements associated with coins (b) their iconography and inscriptions and (c) their multiple functions.

Thus, through the proposed program, not only the economic role traditionally attributed to coins, but also their ideological significance and their contribution to the understanding of social and historical events will be emphasized.

Additionally, in the framework of the project, students will work in groups to integrate their concerns and knowledge gained to create their own coin.


Educational program design:

Despo Pasia (UCL - Institute of Education)

Despina Katapoti (University of the Aegean) 

Interactive Digital Applications:                                   

Panayiotis Kyriakou (RISE Research Foundation) 


Elektra Chrysanthou

Research Associate:                            

Evangelini Markou (National Research Foundation, Athens)

Coordination and production:                          

Despo Pasia

Programme Facilitator:                   

Andrea Oratiou/Archaeologist

In collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation

Date: Every Thursday

Free Participation 

Hours: 8.30-10:00 and 10:30-12:00