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Venice and the Defence of the Regno Di Cipro
Giulio Savorgnan's unpublished Cyprus correspondence (1557-1570)

This well-established publication presents the efforts of the Most Serene Republic of Venice to protect its possession of the Kingdom of Cyprus. The book features the manuscript from the collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BOCCF B-197) that describes the situation in Cyprus a few years before its conquest by the Ottoman Turks in 1570. The manuscript was authored by Ascanio Savorgnan, younger brother to Giulio Savorgnan, the military engineer that designed the Venetian Walls of Nicosia. In addition to the BOCCF manuscript, Venice and the Defence of the Regno di Cipro provides unknown, significant information drawn from new sources, namely Archives and Libraries in Italy.

The first part showcases the first references made by Giulio Savorgnan on the protection of Cyprus during the 1550s and his opinion on the Fortifications of Famagusta.

The second part presents the research mission carried out by Savorgnan in Cyprus between 9 June and 29 September 1562.

The third part describes the presence of Ascanio Savorgnan in Cyprus in the summer of 1562.

The fourth part features rich archival material on the fortification works in Nicosia, erected by Giulio Savorgnan between 1567-1570.

The chapter “Nicosia after Nicosia” comes next, followed by tables with mostly unpublished material, Evangelia Skoufari’s interesting text “Three encomia for Giulio Savorgnan and his masterpiece in Nicosia”, selected bibliography and tables of names and place-names.

Edited By: G. Grivaud
Category: BOCCF Collections

Dimensions: 2016 / 28 x 20.5 cm / 684pp / colour and b&w photographs
ISBN/Bar Code: 978-9963-42-9639
Item's code: 01-12-076

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