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Places of Worship

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation has published folders with copies of engravings from its Collections of rare books and engravings. The aim of these publications is to introduce the wider public to the cultural treasure of the Collections.

This folder is entitled "Places of Worship". The eight representative engravings also derive from old editions of the Cultural Foundation. Like the preceding ones, these too were printed in European cities in the 17th and 18th centuries. They depict cities holy to the Christian and Muslim faiths and important monuments of worship in the East; they are accompanied by texts written by Europeans who, returning home from their holy journey, wished to give their travel notes a printed form and are of a tourist and religious content.
The engravings illustrate the city of Jerusalem, the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, the mediaeval Abbey of Bellapais, the Monastery of Saint John Chrysostom in Koutsoventis in Cyprus, Mount Sinai – the place trodden by the Lord – and the Monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt, as well as Mecca and Medina.

2006 / 22x16cm

Category: Engravings

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