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Cypriot Cartography

Launched in 1986, the “Cypriot Cartography” series brings together publications pertaining to Cyprus’ cartographic history. It includes separate publications and the Cyprus Cartography Lectures, as it aims at promoting the island’s history of cartography along with its political, historical and national implications.

Cyprus on Historical Maps
Placement, Shape and Orientation from a Digital Point of View
Χάρτες της Κύπρου/Maps of Cyprus
Από τον δέκατο έκτο έως τον δέκατο όγδοο αιώνα. Έντεκα πανομοιότυπα από την Χαρτογραφική Συλλογή του Πολιτιστικο/From the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century. Eleven Facsimilies from the Cartographic Collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Cyprus 1542
The Great Map of the Island by Leonida Attar
Η Κύπρος στα Αζιμούθια του Ανέμου [Cyprus at the Azimuths of the Wind]
Προσανατολισμοί Xαρτογραφικών Aπεικονίσεων Ευρωπαίων Xαρτογράφων της Κύπρου, 14ος–19ος αι. [Orientations of Depictions by European Cartographers of Cyprus, 14th–19th Century]
Maps of Cyprus
From the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Kitchener's Survey of Cyprus 1878 – 1883
The First Full Triangulated Survey and Mapping of the Island
The Evolution of the Sea Chart
From its Origin in the Mediterranean Sea to its Development by European Seamen into their Principal Instrument of Navigation
Cyprus on the Table
Maps of Cyprus in British Government Papers (1878 – 1920)
Maps of the Mediterranean Regions
Published in British Parliamentary Papers, 1801­–1921
Σπάvιoι Χάρτες της Κύπρoυ τoυ 16oυ Αιώvα / 16th Century Rare Maps of Cyprus
Δώδεκα Avτίγραφα από τη Χαρτoγραφική Συλλoγή τoυ Πoλιτιστικoύ Iδρύματoς Τραπέζης Κύπρoυ / Twelve Facsimilies from the Map Collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation