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Oμήρου Ιλιάδος Ραψωδίαι [Homer’s Iliad]
Κώδικας της Λαυρεντιανής Βιβλιοθήκης Φλωρεντίας [Codex Pluteus, 32.4 of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana]

This parchment manuscript of the fifteenth century, a rare item of the Laurentian Library (Laurentianus 32.4) can now become the possession of bibliophiles around the world by means of this facsimile edition. It is an important manuscript, of the highest cultural and scholarly value, decorated with unrivalled artistry by an outstanding painter of the Florentine Renaissance, Francesco Rosselli. It belonged to one of the most important collections of manuscripts of the fifteenth century, that of the Medici family. Available in a hand-crafted box of high aesthetic quality, this work is accompanied by a separate volume containing texts in Greek and English by D. Maronitis, S. Kotzampasi and I. Giova. A collector’s item available in a limited number of copies. 

Joint publication of the BOCCF and Ephesus Publishing

Edited by: N. Komn. Hatzigeorgiou
Category: Joint Publications
2002 / 23 × 42 × 5,5 cm / 320 pp. / boxed

ISBN: 978-9608-32-6-02-6