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Eπίδαυρος [Epidaurus]
Tο Aρχαίο Θέατρο, οι Παραστάσεις [The Ancient Theatre, the Performances]

The publication includes:a. A volume presenting the entire history of the theatre - from the selection of its site, its architectural design and the mathematical relations of its construction which produce its unique acoustics, with a detailed account of the revival of ancient Greek drama, a full catalogue of performances, a record of performers and reviews, a historical account of the excavations and hitherto unpublished photographs of its restoration, aerial photographs of the whole archaeological site, with some 200 photographs and scores by Dimitris Mitropoulos and Mikis Theodorakis (see page 167).b. A codex in facsimile reproduction of the tragedy Hecuba by Euripides, kept as Greek codex 470 in the Biblioteca Marziana of Venice.c. A smaller volume with biographical information on the poet, historical evidence relating to the code and a palaeographic transcription of the tragedy by A. Tselikas. 

Joint publication of the BOCCF and Militos Publications 

Edited by: S. Gogos, C. Georgousopoulos et al.
Category: Joint Publications
2002 / 28 × 37 × 9 cm / illustrated / boxed