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Aναδρομή στα Πριγκηπόνησα / The Princess Islands
A Retrospective Journey

This publication provides for the first time an overall review of the hitherto unknown history of these islands, while a record of the last two centuries is given by means of the rich photographic material. The Princess islands lie scattered between Europe and Asia on the north-eastern side of the Propontis, indissolubly bound up by the ancient Greeks with the myth of the expedition of the Argonauts. The Princess islands were to acquire great significance and importance in the time of the Byzantine Empire. But even after the Fall of Constantinople, the conquerors respected and tolerated the religion, the language, the manners and customs of the Greeks, so that throughout the Ottoman rule of Greek lands, these islands provided a shelter for Greek refugees. During the first decade of the nineteenth century, Phanariot Greeks and members of the Philiki Etaireia were made welcome in the monasteries and their dependencies, to discuss in safety details of the national uprising. The shedding of the Greek element began in effect in 1910 and reached its culmination in 1980 with the flow of migration chiefly from the Black Sea regions and of Kurds, a movement which altered the physiognomy of the region dramatically.

Joint publication of the BOCCF and Militos Publications

Author: A. Millas
Category: Joint Publications
2000 / 24 × 34 cm / 546 pp. / 536 illustrations / boxed

ISBN: 978-960-84-60-171