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Σμύρνη / Smyrna
H Mητρόπολη του Mικρασιατικού Eλληνισμού/ Metropolis of the Asia Minor Greeks

Smyrna, a cosmopolitan city with a large and prosperous Greek community, is presented symbolically as representing all the Greeks of Asia Minor, whose metropolis it was. The original pictorial material used in this publication consists mainly of postcards, but also photographs from important historical archives. The cards have been selected from a rich collection of the well known Greek collector Spyros Manousakis and indeed this may be the first time they have all been published together. Thus the reader can find a virtually complete picture of the Ionian capital, since most of the individual pieces in the mosaic are presented in these pages. In addition, a picture is provided of present-day Smyrna, with photographs taken especially for this publication.

Joint publication of the BOCCF & Ephesus Publishing

Author: P. M. Kitromilides et al.
Category: Joint Publications
2001 / 27 × 28 cm / 320 pp. / illustrated / in a case incl. CD

ISBN: 978-960-86701-2-9