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Κάρολος Κουν [Karolos Koun]
Oι Παραστάσεις [The Performances]

A supplement to the exhibition “Karolos Koun – The Greek Art Theatre” (Benaki Museum: 25/09/2008 –16/11/2008), this publication includes an analytical record of all performances directed by Karolos Koun from 1930 to 1987, as well as the activities of the The Greek Art Theater throughout the life of its founder. Performances are recorded by theatrical season, providing reviews and the venue and date of opening night. Each theatrical season is presented in tandem with a concise account of repeat performances, performances that went on tour, and records of other activities and productions directed by Karolos Koun’s close collaborators. The book also includes additional lists and an index in order to provide as full a picture as possible of Karolos Koun’s major contribution to Greek theatre. The photographs that illustrate the performances are from the archive of The Greek Art Theatre.

Joint publication of the BOCCF and the Benaki Museum

Edited by: P. Mavromoustakos
Category: Joint Publications
2008 / 19,5 × 22 cm / 492 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 978-960-8347-99-1