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The Churches of the Virgin Podithou and of the Theotokos (or of the Archangel) in Galata

The Guide affords a review of the history, architecture and art of two noteworthy wooden-roofed churches of the period of Venetian rule (1489 – 1571) in Cyprus: Our Lady the Merciful (Eleousa), known as Podithou, and Our Lady Theotokos (or the Archangel). Although the Church of the Theotokos (or the Archangel) is yet to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, it is included in this publication as it preserves important wall-painting decoration dating from 1514. The church lies at a short distance from that of Our Lady Podithou and both monuments are open to visitors throughout the year.

Texts by: M. Konstantoudaki-Kitromilidou, D. Myrianthefs
Category: Guides to Byzantine Monuments
Plans, drawings by: D. Myrianthefs, Ch. Tornari
Series editor: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
2005 / 16 × 22 cm / 92 pp. / colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-842-7 / 9963-42-841-X (Greek) 978-9963-42-843-4 (German)