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The Church of the Holy Cross of Ayiasmati

Through the pages of this concise illustrated guide the visitor can learn of the history of the medieval Monastery of the Holy Cross of Ayiasmati, situated near the village of Platanistasa. In the chapter discussing the architecture of the church useful information is given on the typology of the monument and the building materials, while chapters dealing with the wall-paintings of the sanctuary, the main church and the portico include commentaries and descriptions of the masterful representations which cover almost all surfaces of the monument’s walls. Another chapter describes the carved wooden sanctuary screen, the icons, the altar and the furnishings of the Church of the Holy Cross of Ayiasmati. In the last chapter an account is given of the decoration of the church’s wooden roof-beams and floor, bricks of which bear carved and relief patterns. A glossary of terms allowing for a better understanding of the texts is also provided in tandem with selected bibliography. The monument is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

Texts by: Ch. Argyrou
Category: Guides to Byzantine Monuments
Plans, drawings by: D. Myrianthefs
Series editor: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
2006, 2014 / 16 × 22 cm / 72 pp. / colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-832-0 / 978-9963-42-831-1 (Greek) 9963-42-833-9 (German)