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The Church of our Lady of Asinou

The church of our Lady of Asinou is the sole remnant of the Monastery of Forvii, founded by Magister Nikiforos Ischyrios in 1099. The church is decorated with wall paintings dating from the 12th, 13th, 14th and 17th centuries. The architecture of the church in conjunction with the outstanding murals makes it one of the most important surviving Byzantine monuments, now declared part of World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO). The Guide includes a historical account of the Monastery of the Forvii, an architectural description of the monument, a description and commentary on the wall paintings, the wood-carved icon screen and portable icons. Descriptions are accompanied by ground plans, diagrams of sections in which the wall paintings are enumerated and colour photographs of the interior and exterior of the monument. A glossary of terms is included along with selected literature. 

Texts by: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou, D. Myrianthefs
Category: Guides to Byzantine Monuments
Plans, drawings by: D. Myrianthefs
Series editor: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
2002, 2009 / 14,5 × 21 cm / 48 pp. /49 colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-804-5 / 978-9963-42-877-9 (Greek) 978-9963-42-870-0 (French) 978-9963-42-915-8 (German) 9963-42-953-0 (Russian)