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The Church of the Holy Virgin in Moutoullas

Following its Greek (2009) and German (2010) editions, The church of Holy Virgin in Moutoullas came out in English translation.  The guide traces the history, architecture and art of this noteworthy small, wooden-roofed temple that dates back to 1280. The church belongs to the distinctive type of wooden-roofed temples that are particularly common in Cypriot church building. Useful information is given on the typology of the monument and the building materials used, with separate chapters on the temple’s wall-paintings and commentaries on the exquisite 12th century-style representations. A glossary of terms allowing for a better understanding of the texts is also provided in tandem with selected bibliography. The monument is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

Texts by: D. Myrianthefs, St. Perdikis
Category: Guides to Byzantine Monuments
Plans, drawings by: D. Myrianthefs, Ch. Tornari
Series editor: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
2011 / 16 × 22 cm / 96 pp. / 60 colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-906-6 /Greek edition: 978-9963-42-878-6 / German edition: 978-9963-42-882-3