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Lemba and Kissonerga

The guide introduces two important prehistoric settlements of the Chalcolithic period recently discovered near the Lemba and Kissonerga villages in western Cyprus, north of Paphos. Excavations began in 1976 under Professor Edgar Peltenburg of Edinburgh University. In 1987 the University’s Lemba Archaeological Project created the Experimental Village of Lemba, the first applied project of experimental archaeology not just in Cyprus but in the entire Eastern Mediterranean area. The guide provides a detailed presentation of the two sites and their significant finds: circular buildings, graves and grave goods, objects of daily life alongside unique specimens of sculpture and pottery. A tour around the Lemba Experimental Village allows the visitor an insight into multiple aspects of the Chalcolithic culture in Cyprus.

Texts by: P. Croft, in collaboration with E. Peltenburg and G. Thomas
Category: Guides to Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Series editor: Μ. Iacovou
1999 / 17 × 21 cm / 64 pp. / 44 colour illustrations and 2 b&w drawings / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-071-0