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Kalavassos - Tenta

A multidisciplinary research project was conceived by Ian A. Todd in 1975, aimed at studying the housing system of the valley from the Early Neolithic to the end of the Medieval period. The project was initiated by excavations in the Kalavassos area in 1976 and is still in progress. The guide deals with the architectural remains and archaeological finds of the Neolithic settlement of Tenta, in the vicinity of Kalavassos, a site mentioned on Kitchener’s map of Cyprus from as far back as 1882. The prehistoric sites of Kalavassos-Tenta and Khirokitia belong to the Aceramic Neolithic and share common features in that they were surrounded by walls and had mudbrick and/or stone circular domestic structures. The guide includes chapters on the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods in Cyprus, on the Aceramic Neolithic Period in the Vasilikos Valley, as well as on the Bronze Age in the same area. 

Texts by: I. A. Todd
Category: Guides to Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Series editor: Μ. Iacovou
1998 / 17 × 21 cm / 80 pp. / 50 colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-066-4