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Guide to Palaipaphos (Kouklia)

The city of Palaipaphos, seat of the Kinyrad priest kings, was from the Late Bronze Age until the early Hellenistic times the only large urban settlement in southwestern Cyprus. Written by Professor F. G. Maier, Hon FSA (who excavated at Kouklia from 1952), with two contributions by S. Hadjisavvas and M. - L. von Wartburg, FSA, the Guide  traces the history of Palaipaphos through nearly 5000 years, from the Chalcolithic period to the present day, and describes in detail all monuments surviving at the Kouklia- Palaipaphos archaeological site. Besides the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, these include two unique sites: the Persian siege ramp at the Northeast Gate, and the well preserved medieval sugar refinery complex at Kouklia-Stavros. Palaipaphos is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

Texts by: F. G. Maier, in collaboration with S. Hadjisavvas, M. L. von Wartburg
Category: Guides to Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Series editor: L. Michaelidou
2007 / 17 × 21 cm / 118 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-826-6 / 978-9963-42-846-5 (Greek) / 978-9963-42-847-2 (German)