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Κoσμήματα της Ελληνικής Παραδoσιακής Φoρεσιάς. 18oς – 19oς αιώνας [Greek Traditional Jewellery. 18th – 19th Centuries]

An illustrated, well-documented work on Greek jewellery, supplement to the homonymous exhibition held in Nicosia in March – April 1995. The folio provides an eloquent testament of Cyprus’ agelong bonds to metropolitan Greece. The items of jewellery presented here from the collections of the National Historical Museum of Athens were part of the local traditional Greek costumes during the Ottoman period. They cover an area extending from the Black Sea and Macedonia to Crete and Cyprus. Illustrations of jewellery reveal the rare art of microtechnia and the shared artistic spirit that permeates silver and goldwork in every focal point of Hellenism.

Texts by: D. Gangades, I. Voyiatzis
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
1995 / 21 × 29 cm / 112 pp. / 84 colour illustrations / paperbound