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Ιερά Μητρόπολις Ταμασού και Ορεινής [Holy Bishopric of Tamassos and Orini]
Ιστορία - Μνημεία - Τέχνη [History - Monuments – Art]

The book includes extensive studies across a wide range of topics related to the Diocese of Tamassos and Orini, bringing to the fore its cultural treasures and ecclesiastical monuments, known for the remarkable wall-paintings and other relics they preserve.

Nineteen distinguished researchers and academics have contributed to the publication, presenting topics within their expertise pertaining to the history and spiritual dimension of the Bishopric of Tamassos and Orini, to its saints, monasteries and churches, to the national, social and cultural life of its inhabitants, church architecture and the art depicted on the portable icons and wall-paintings of its monasteries and churches, as well as to its museums, exhibition areas and relics.

Edited by: C. Kokkinoftas
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
2012 / 30 x 22 cm / 428 pp. / 300 colour and b&w photographs / hardbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-939-4