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Holy Bishopric of Morphou. 2000 Years of Art and Holiness

This publication was prepared on the occasion of the homonymous exhibition (December 2000 – June 2001), jointly organised by the Cultural Foundation and the Bishopric of Morphou in the framework of the worldwide celebrations on the 2000 years from the Birth of Christ. The volume includes texts covering the pre-Christian cultural heritage, with references to archaeological sites in the ecclesiastical history of the region and to significant findings, to the Byzantine and post-Byzantine architecture (4th – 20th c.), examining the architectural types of churches within the borders of the bishopric of Morphou. As far as the decoration of monuments is concerned, the description of the most important works of wall-painting is accompanied by a parallel theological commentary. Portable icons are dealt with in extenso, with a review of the work and known biographical details of the artists. 

Texts by: L. Michaelidou
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
2002 / 23 × 31 cm / 502 pp. / illustrated / hardbound

ISBN: 9963-42-806-1