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Chypre. D’Aphrodite à Mélusine

The publication accompanied the exhibition “Chypre. D’Aphrodite à Mélusine: des royaumes anciens aux Lusignans – Cyprus from ancient city-kingdoms to the Lusignans”, jointly organised by the Cultural Foundation and the Geneva Museum of Art and History and held at the Geneva Museum of Art and History (October 2006 – March 2007). Texts and entries for the 328 artefacts presented in the catalogue cover two thousand six hundred years of historical continuity in Cyprus, from the antiquity to the reign of the Lusignans. The catalogue is divided into four large sections “Cyprus in Antiquity”, “Cyprus in the Byzantine era”, “Cyprus, kingdom of the Lusignans” and “The Latin Orient”.

Joint publication of the BOCCF and the Geneva Museum of Art and History

Texts by: M. Campagnolo, C. Courtois et al.
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
2006 / 24 × 28 cm / 238 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 978-88-7624-897-9