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Αγριολούλουδα της Κύπρου [Wild Flowers of Cyprus]

Folio with exact reproductions of Elektra Megaw’s original watercolours, available in a limited number of copies. Megaw began painting the 51 watercolours in 1938. In 1973 they were published together with a text by botanologist Desmond Meikle. The collection of the original watercolours was donated to the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in 1987. Numerous species of flowers are included here: Clematis cirrhosa (Ranunulaceae), Ranunculus Asiaticus (Ranunulaceae), Anemone coronaria (Ranunulaceae), Capparis Spinosa (Capparaceae), Arbutusandrachne (Ericaceae), Quercus alnifolia (Fagaceae), Anemone Blanda (Ranunulaceae), Paeonia mascula (Paeoniaceae), Cistus salviifolius (Cistaceae), Cytinus hypocistis (Rafflesiaceae), Trifolium clypeatum (Leguminosae), Vicia Cypria (Leguminosae), Scabiosa prolifera (Dispacaceae), Cyclamen persicum (Primulaceae), Limodorum abortirum (Orchidaceae), Serapias vomeracea (Orchidaceae), Orchis anatolica (Orchidaceae).

Texts by: D. Meikle
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
Illustrations by: E. Megaw
1973 / 28 × 45 cm

ISBN: out of print