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Εμπούριας. Η Αρχή Ενός Νόστου [Empuries, The Voyage of Return]

The above publication was brought out in 500 numbered copies on the occasion of the exhibition entitled “Empuries, the Voyage of Return”. This is a translation from Catalan of the collector’s edition entitled Empuries, inici d’ un retorn, which was published in 55 numbered copies in Spring 1992 by the classicist and Modern Greek scholar Alexis Eudald Solà. In this publication, the well-known Catalan engraver Joan Barbara depicts in a series of engravings the return journey from the ancient city of Emborion (today Empuries, a Greek trading colony established by the Phocaeans on the coast of Catalonia, in Spain, shortly after 600 BC) to the mother-country, 2,500 years later, with Eudald Solà as a guide.

Texts by: Α. Eudald Solà
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
Illustrations by: J. Barbara
2004 / 41 × 51 cm / engravings / hardbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-834-2