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Διέσεις και Υφέσεις που πονούν. Εικόνες και στίχοι / Sharps and Flats that hurt. Images and Verses

The album Sharps and Flats that hurt includes photographs from the occupied area (mainly from the Pentadaktylos mountain range, the Northern coasts and Famagusta) by Yiannis Kypri, George Hadjipieris and Nikiforos Orphanos, accompanied by Yiannis Kypri’s verses in Greek and English. The album’ s title comes from the homonymous poem and serves here as a supplement to images of distraction and desertion, which ensued after the Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation. The book attempts a marriage between verses and images that have stemmed from the “visits” of the three contributors over the last two years to the Northern part of the island which lies under Turkish occupation since 1974.

Texts by: Y. Kypri
Category: Folios, Exhibition Catalogues
Photographs: Y. Kypri, G. Hadjipieris, N. Orphanos
2011 / 27 x 27 cm / 160 pp. / colour pictures / hardbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-914-1