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Η Ιερά Μονή της Παναγίας του Άρακα στα Λαγουδερά [The Holy Monastery of our Lady of Arakas in Lagoudera]

The Holy Monastery of our Lady of Arakas lies to the north west of the village of Lagoudera. The monastery’s nave was presumably built toward the end of the 12th century, in the form of a single-aisled vaulted structure. A second wooden roof, covered with flat tiles, was later added to protect the church from adverse weather conditions. The nave was decorated in 1192 with frescoes of exquisite mastery, of late Comnenian style, attributed to Theodoros Apsevdis, the same artist who painted in 1183 the Engleistra (place of seclusion) of Ayios Neophytos in Paphos. Fourteenth and seventeenth century frescoes have also been salvaged. The wooden carved iconostasis dates back to 1763. To the north of the church lies the two storey building of the monastery, consisting of a row of cells with an open balcony at the forefront, supported on wooden poles. 

Texts by: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
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