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Οχυρωμένες Πόλεις [Fortified Cities]
Παρελθόν, παρόν και μέλλον [Past, present and future]

The volume Fortified Cities, Past, present and future is a co-publication of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and the Association of Cypriot Archaeologists. It documents the minutes of the homonymous Colloquium organized by the Association of Cypriot Archaeologists in 2010. In undertaking the publication of the minutes, the Cultural Foundation carries on in a renewed manner the Annual Lecture on the History and Archaeology of Cyprus series, the oldest institution of the Cultural Foundation, inaugurated in 1985.  The organization of the colloquium and the subsequent publication of its proceedings has been realized on an initiative of the Association of Cypriot Archaeologists with the purpose of initiating a scientific dialogue on this particular matter, laying down different considerations and resolving various relevant issues. The colloquium took place with the participation of architects and archaeologists, civil servants and academicians from Greece and Cyprus. More specifically, the publication documents contributions by: Michael Andrianakis, Yannis Violaris, Gilles Grivaud, Chrysanthi Kounnou, Katerina Manousou-Della, Nikolas Bakirtzis, Charalambos Bouras and Despina Pilidou.  The volume makes part of the Archaeologia Cypria review, publication No VI of the Association of Cypriot Archaeologists, as well as of the series Cyprological Studies and Lectures of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Author: D. Pilidou, E. Alpha
Category: Cyprological Studies and Lectures
2012 / 17 x 24 cm / 230 pp. / with colour and b&w photographs and images /paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-937-0