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Το Αρχαίο Θέατρο και η Κύπρος [Ancient Theatre and Cyprus]

The volume represents one of the most coordinated efforts ever made towards the study of aspects of theatrical activity in ancient Cyprus and the reception of ancient drama by contemporary theatre practitioners and audiences. The list of contributors includes distinguished connoisseurs from Cyprus, Greece and abroad, both academics and theatre practitioners, analysing issues of theatrical archaeology, philology and theatre science. More specifically, the authors look at issues relating to the Cypriot dramatists of antiquity and other ‘Craftsmen of Dionysus’, as well as to the use and construction of ancient theatres in Cyprus. Also examined here, are matters pertaining to the contemporary reception of ancient theatre on the island, e.g. the staging of plays for a present-day audience, the contribution of Cyprus to the presentation of the plays and the promotion of those less known, along with readings and performances reverberating the contemporary history of Cyprus. The book brings together presentations by Richard Green (in English), Antonis Tsakmakis, Sophia Aneziri, Kaite Diamantakou-Agathou, Stavroula Kiritsi (in English), Andri H. Constantinou, Antonis K. Petrides, Katerina Gotsi, Ioanna Hadjicosti and Emilios Charalambides. The presentations are followed by a discussion between Christakis Georgiou, Barnabas Kyriazis, Nicos Charalambous and Andy Bargilly on “The contribution of Cypriot performances to the interpretation of ancient drama”. English summaries of the papers are cited on the closing pages.

Edited by: A. H. Constantinou, I. Hadjicosti
Category: Cyprological Studies and Lectures
2013 / 17 x 24 cm / 252 pp. / colour and b&w photographs / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-944-8