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Η Μόρφου ως Θεομόρφου. Από την Επισκοπή των Σόλων στη Μητρόπολη Μόρφου [Morphou as Theomorphou. From the Episcopate of Soloi to the Bishopric of Morphou]

A review of the history of the Morphou area from ancient times to this day, also tracing the ecclesiastical history of the Episcopate of Soloi and the Bishopric of Morphou. Comments on the origin of the name Theomorphou are provided along with historical and other entries. Also described is the arrival in Cyprus of the Akritai, who brought with them to Morphou the worship and part of the sacred relics of St Mamas, who went on to become the town’ s patron saint, and the foundation of the homonymous monastery.

Author: Neophytos, the Bishop of Morphou
Category: Cyprological Studies and Lectures
2011 / 24 x 17 cm / 44 pp. / 24 colour pictures and 2 maps / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-912-7