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Oδoιπoρικόν Μαυρoβoυνίoυ [Travels in Montenegro]

The adventurous life of Epameinondas Frangoudis (1825 – 1897) reflects the trials and tribulations of Hellenism in the nineteenth century. The prominent Cypriot writer studied at the Ionian Academy in Corfu, published his romantic novel Thersandros in Athens (1847) and was employed first as secretary of the Greek subconsulate in Larnaca and then as director of the Greek School in Nicosia (1853). Accused of seditious activities, he was forced to leave for Constantinople, where he launched the publication of the journal “Thelxinoe”. He was finally appointed professor of Greek literature in Bucharest. Travels in Montenegro was published in “Thelxinoe” (1856 – 1857) under the title “Travels” and is a unique testimony to an era and an area which today has again been drawn into the public limelight. It is illustrated with drawings by the author and other contemporary engravings.

Author: E. I. Frangoudes
Category: Cypriot Literature
Series editor: Ph. Stavrides, M. Mitsou
1994 / 17,5 × 24,5 cm / 104 pp. / 12 illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-045-1