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Η Τετραλoγία τωv Καιρώv [The Tetralogy of Times]

Twenty-one short stories by prose writer G. Philippou Pierides from his collections entitled Still Times (1966), Hard Times (1963), A Time of Beatitude (1975) and A Time of Trial (1978), as well as three short stories, first reprinted here. The stories record in exemplary and masterful writing aspects of the history of Cyprus from the British rule to the 1974 Turkish invasion. The volume ends with a biographical note on Philippou Pierides, a leading intellectual and moral figure claiming an important chapter in Modern Greek prose. 

Author: G. Philippou Pierides
Category: Cypriot Literature
Series editor: Ph. Stavrides
1st edition 1989 / out of print / 2nd edition 2000 / out of print / 3rd edition 2009 / 104 pp. / 15 × 21 cm / 12 illustrations

ISBN: 978-9963-42-880-9