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Θέματα και Πρόσωπα της Κυπριακής Λoγoτεχνίας [Themes and Figures of Cypriot Literature]

The volume includes twenty-nine essays by the writer and critic Costas Proussis. Combined, the essays bring out the literary profile of Cyprus from 1930 to the present day. Proussis, who was a co-founder and director of the journal Kypriaka Grammata (1934) worked on many aspects of Cypriot literature and had a prominent role in intellectual matters in the period between the two world wars and up until the struggle for liberation in 1955–1959. Written from 1930 to 1990, the texts included in this volume are thematically ranged, whilst preserving the language and historical ambiance of each period. The biographical note gives full references of first publications. 

Author: Κ. M. Proussis
Category: Cypriot Literature
Series editor: P. Paraskevas
1990 / 16 × 24 cm / 296 pp. / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-022-2 / out of print