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Σολωμός Φραγκουλίδης. Ένας γνήσιος δημιουργός [Solomos Frangoulides: A Genuine Creator]

The sixth volume in the series “Cypriot Artists” is dedicated to Solomos Frangoulides. Frangoulides belongs to the first generation of Cypriot artists, who led the evolution of Cypriot painting from a declining Byzantine, religious and popular technique to a more artful and freely expressive period during the early decades of the 20th century. Solomos Frangoulides spent his whole life striving, consistently and honestly, to combine his great love for art with the need to make a living. Nevertheless, he took part in all major struggles of his time for social justice, equality and freedom. His work, low-profile and composed, without impressive outbreaks and innovations, was rooted in the reality of his times and marked his own contribution to the shaping of the new face of Cypriot painting. 

Author: O. Mentzafou-Polyzou
Category: Cypriot Artists
2009 / 23 × 29 cm / 320 pp. / 200 colour and b&w photographs / hardbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-871-7