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Τηλέμαχος Κάνθος [Telemachos Kanthos]
Το πορτρέτο ενός δημιουργού [The Portrait of a Creator]

This is the fourth publication in the series, consisting of two volumes. In the first volume, Eleni Kanthou puts on record the biography of Kanthos, seen through the eyes of a daughter who grew up with a father, a man and an artist at a time when Cyprus’ attractions were different than what it boasts today. The biography is followed by a critical analysis of the painter’s work by academician Chrysanthos Christou. The second volume is devoted exclusively to a photographic documentation of Kanthos’ work, wherein the reader is invited to enjoy the artist’s enchanting visual world. 

Author: Ch. Christou, E. Kanthou
Category: Cypriot Artists
2005 / 24 × 29 cm / 642 pp. / illustrated / 2 volumes

ISBN: 9963-42-821-5 / hardbound / 9963-42-835-5 / paperbound