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O Μικρός Κόσμος της Kύπρου [The Small World of Cyprus]

The aim of the book is to raise children’s awareness on environmental issues. Through the publication, children have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the small living things which they encounter frequently as they go about their everyday business, at school, on the beach and in their own gardens. The book presents three areas of natural life: marine life, spiders and insects, and amphibians and reptiles through a wealth of photographic material and brief descriptions of the creatures’ characteristics and way of life. Suitable for all ages.

Author: M. Miltiadous
Category: Children's and Young Adults' Books
Photographs: M. Pittas
2001 / 23 × 23 cm / 76 pp. / 50 colour photographs / hardbound

ISBN: 9963-8618-0-6