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Apo tin poli erhomai… [Coming from town...]

The book was awarded the first prize in the 2010 Children-Young Adult Book Pancyprian Competition, announced by the Cypriot Association of Children’s and Young Adults’ Books.

The book tells the story of Aristeidis and Manos, two children continuously enmeshed in fighting at school – for which the headmistress punishes them in a very unusual manner: every Friday they are supposed to work together in order to prepare a new recipe, from a different country each week. For the duration of their punishment, the children grind their knives but only to mince onions! They throw punches, but only to soften up the dough. Some are stewing in their own juice, but only if they are pasta! Will it be a piece of cake, or will things come to a boil? When all’s said and done, can friendship get cooking? And if yes, then what does it taste like?

Author: S. Eleftheriou, F. Vakana
Category: Children's and Young Adult's Books
Illustrations by: C. Markopoulos
2012 / 13 x 21 cm / 160 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-930-1

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