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Cyprus Map Collection

Numbering more than 400 maps, the Collection includes the majority of the known maps of Cyprus printed between 16th and 20th century. This notable series provides a detailed picture of the development of Cypriot cartography, which is tnterwined with the island’s turbulent history.

Upon its establishment, in 1984, the Foundation acquired twenty-four printed maps of Cyprus, bequeathed by the Bank. Today the Collection counts more than 400 maps and includes the majority of the known printed maps of Cyprus dated between the 16th-20th centuries. It is a notable series that provides a detailed picture of the development of Cypriot cartography, the course of which is intertwined with the island’s turbulent history.

The Foundation has gained international recognition for its contribution to the collection, preservation and public presentation of early maps and for the promotion of scholarly work on historical cartography and in 1990 received an award from the International Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS).

The map collection of the Foundation was enriched by the donation of two major private collections: The Michaelides Map Collection was donated to the Foundation by the late Agnes Michaelides in 1988. Among the sixty-four items of the Michaelides collection are six different tabulae from various editions of Claudius Ptolemy’s Geography, the earliest dating back to 1525, as well as the first accurate sea-charts of Famagusta harbor, the work of Thomas Graves, published in the second half of the 19th century.

In 1993 Laura Georgiades decided to donate to the Cultural Foundation the map collection belonging to her late husband, Antonakis Georgiades, a collector and a founding member of the Cyprus Map Collectors’ Society. The collection comprises eighty-two items and includes a series of miniature maps of Cyprus originally published in pocket edition atlases of the 16th and 17th century.

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