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22 August - 31 December 2021

The exhibition, hosted at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Faneromeni, features maps, manuscripts, texts and images that reflect aspects of the Struggle for Freedom.


A range of well-known heroes, heroines and philhellenes figure prominently through the objects on display. The 20th c. encyclopedic map stands out; the map, which presents Cyprus as an inextricable part of Hellenism, was printed in New York by Varvatis Bros. Portraits of heroes– replica engravings – were incorporated in tributes like the one signed by Nearchos Clerides and Kika Lang for the Greek-speaking magazine Times of Cyprus, in circulation in the 1950s. Other portraits of men and women who fought for the cause were printed on postcards in a caricaturesque style. Depicted on the postcards are, among others: Th. Kolokotronis, Y. Karaiskakis, A. Miaoulis, K. Kanaris, Lord Byron, D. Ypselantes, P. Mavromichalis, Papaflessas, Al. Ypselantes, Th. Maitland, M. Mavrogenous, M. Tzavella, Boumboulina, Karatasaina and the women of Souli on Zalongos. The portraits of two Muslim officials who fought the Greeks, the Ottoman Ali Pasha of Ioannina and Muhammad Ali of Egypt, are also on display.


The Siege of Famagusta by the Ottomans in 1571, featured in the exhibition, brings out the link with Cyprus, as the city’s fall marked the island’s conquest by the Ottoman Turks.


When the Greek Revolution was launched in July 1821, the Turks slaughtered Archbishop Kyprianos of Cyprus, the Bishops of Paphos, Kyrenia and Kition, as well as other clerics and lay officials of the island. On display is a black-and-white photograph of Archbishop Kyprianos’ portrait as Archimandrite (1800) from the Monastery of Machairas. Serai Square and the Lusignan Palace in Nicosia, execution site for the Cypriot martyrs, are included in the presentation.


The exhibition closes with a handwritten letter by a Cypriot man who escaped the massacre, dated 22 August 1821.


Exhibition venue: Temporary Exhibitions Hall (ground floor) of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Duration: October-December 2021

Free entrance


All protective measures recommended by state guidelines for the health and safety of visitors and employees will apply during the events.


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