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09 July - 31 August 2018

Moments at the Museum
The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation takes the public on a journey through the art of Adamos Papantoniou

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with the Huntington’s Disease Association of Cyprus and the UnSaLa Research Network (Unlocking Sacred Landscapes), is preparing for the opening of a photography exhibition by Adamos Papantoniou. The exhibition will be supplemented by a brief presentation by Dr Athanasios Vionis, titled Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus. The exhibited photographs are collectible and will be available for sale with the exclusive purpose of supporting the Association.


The artist sets out to display the photographs in the Foundation’s exhibition area. In the framework of the Foundation’s “Moments at the Museum” series of events, the “Settled and Sacred Landscapes: Images of Huntington’s Disease” project, which includes both the photographic exhibition and the brief supplementing lecture, explores the significance of our cultural heritage as a point of ‘departure’ not only for understanding past landscapes, but also for looking at its experiential dimension as received and experienced by contemporary humans, artists and researchers.

The concept of memory is crucial in the process of socialising landscape and naturalising monuments and cultural features. Memory is created by the repeated movement of the body throughout the landscape. Ancient landscapes not only shape but are shaped by human experience. The movement of the body through space provides people with a particular way of viewing the world, maintaining power relations at various levels. Ancient Landscapes exist through two different understandings of ‘perception’: the first is where perception acts as a filter on the real world, the second as a process through which people understand the world. In any attempt to capture and embody ancient monuments and archaeo-landscapes, perception cannot be ignored. “Settled and Sacred Landscapes” acknowledge the importance of perception, mediating it to the real world via the ‘filters’ of a photographer and those of archaeologists.




Exhibition opening: Monday, 9 July 2018, 19:30

Exhibition duration: 10July - 31 August 2018

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00-19:00

Free entrance | For information: 22 128 157