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01 June - 01 June 2017

On the occasion of the visual art exhibition titled “Rooms to Contemplate: Content and Perspective of a Collection”, curated by Dr Savvas Christodoulides and featuring works from the largest private collection in Cyprus, that of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, a lecture on private collections has been scheduled to take place.


The lecture will examine the field of privately collecting as has been unfolding over the last centuries and as formulated over recent decades through the prism of private as well as corporate collections. By investigating the role of large organizations in bringing together and rescuing works of art that represent and mark the artistic production of a specific place, reference will be made on how such organizations may evolve whilst adopting a more extroverted attitude in constructively sharing the acquisitions of their collection to the benefit of both the wider public and the artists per se.   


Discussed during the lecture will be such questions as “How can a private collection formulate and influence the history of a place and the mapping of its art?”; “What kind of power is held by a collector and their collections?”; and “In what way can a collection constitute a communication channel for the artistic deed?”


Speaker: Dr Costas Prapoglou

Archaeologist- architect; contemporary art critic; curator 


Thursday, 1 June 2017, 19:30
Andreas Patsalides Hall
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Admission is free