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20 April - 20 April 2017

Lecture in collaboration with the Summer School in Homer at University College London, Department of Greek and Latin



The lecture aims at a retrospective of the history of the Homeric epi in the movies, from the birth of film to the present day, looking at the way in which Homeric heroes are portrayed in specific movies as well as the way in which ideals and values of the Homeric code are developed, rejected or omitted in the film versions of the epi.


Reference will also be made on how Homeric heroes may heroically inspire contemporary readers or viewers as well as on how they compare to modern superheroes.


The advantages of our engagement with this topic and the educational objectives of this initiative will be taken into account for a programme the Cultural Foundation plans to launch in partnership with the Summer School in Homer and the Department of Greek and Latin of University College London.



Speaker: Dr Antonis Makrinos,

Teaching Fellow in Classics, University College London



Thursday, 20 April 2017, 19:00

Andreas Patsalides Hall

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation


Free entrance