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03 November - 03 November 2017

  V International Conference of Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive

 "Economic transformation in Cyprus and the Levant, 1850-1939"

The economic history of the Levant is emerging as an important puzzle in our understanding of divergent paths in economic growth and development in the region. In an era of great economic global transformation, knowledge of economic transformation of the Levant is not as complete. We intend to highlight research indicating the reasons behind partial change and transformation of the Levant region during the period 1850-1939. 

The geographic focus of the conference is the Eastern Mediterranean Basin (often collectively called ‘the Levant’); this region has always been seen as lagging behind Europe in terms of development. And yet everywhere buds of modernity were being created. The public will have the opportunity to identify both common and diverging economic traits in the economic history of this region, traits that have affected economic progress or regression: economics and finance, trade and commerce, industrial and enterprise development, entrepreneurship and the development of local institutions.

The Conference is co-organised by the University of Cyprus (Department of History and Archaeology and Department of Economics), the European University of Cyprus (Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting) and the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Friday, 3rd of November 2017, 09:30-14:30

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Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

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